Tilemans insists he does not regret moving away from the Foxes in the summer

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Leicester City midfielder Youri Tilemans has revealed he never regretted missing out on a summer transfer. After being rumored to many teams especially. Arsenal are ready to take the time off to recharge their energy back to help the team have a better performance.

Leicester City midfielder Youri Tielemans insists he has no regrets about leaving the UFABET club last summer. Despite being the target of many famous teams. In addition, this time the work of the agency is still poor, sinking in the last place of the table. Ready to reveal the opportunity to continue playing football still exists. Because his agent is still negotiating about a new contract.

Tilemans insists he does not regret moving away from the Foxes in the summer

Midfielder , Belgian national team The contract with The Fox is about to expire in June 2023. Making it possible to move the team for free in the middle of next year. But if the Fox Siam does not want to lose for free. had to hurry to extend the contract It has been reported that Arsenal are the favorites to pull the star player to strengthen the transfer market in the past. But in the end nothing happened.

“I won’t say too much about the situation in my contract right now. my family is very happy and that is important I didn’t leave Leicester in the summer. Because I always say that the roadmap must be the right one. Just because things are getting worse at Leicester doesn’t mean things are getting worse. I should regret staying And whether you are in the last year of your contract or not. It’s not the case that I have to talk to the club. Because that’s already a job for my agent,” Tielemans said in an interview with hometown media.

Meanwhile, the 25-year-old also said that Leicester lost several games in a row. It affects us greatly. We want to take advantage of this national team break for some new energy. back to do better Although it was difficult to shake that thought out of me.

For the team at the King Power Stadium, recently defeated Tottenham Hotspur 2-6, losing 6 games in a row with only 1 point, resulting in Brendan ‘s situation. Northern Ireland manager difficult to sit And there is a chance that it will be removed from the position soon.