Roma Slots

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Roma slots that mean Slot games that are very popular and popular. Just recently launched, it has pampered the gamblers to the fullest. Because there is a highlight that is Helping to create fun and excitement for gamblers around the world. Come with a theme that is similar to the retro style, both sound and effects, importantly, there are many rewards. If anyone is interested in playing You must first learn how to play in order not to miss the opportunity to make a profit. Roma Slot Format It comes with 3 lines and 5 reels and has a chance to get 20 high spins. 

Roma Slots

How to play Roma Slots Game

Before starting to bet on the Roma slots So that you will understand the basics of betting more. So we have gathered for you. in terms of symbols and various rules as follows:

1. Make a minimum bet or set the Bet price at 10 baht.

2. If the rotation Then you get all 3 Scatter symbols together, you will get bonus 3 lion puzzle slots.

3. In the symbol section of Roma Slots There are a total of 8 types, including Sword, Shield, Armor, Warrior, Grape, Ancient Water Jar, and Axe. 

4. By setting the payout rate of the prize that must be different according to various symbols 

5. If rotating Then you get a shield symbol, will receive 3 times the amount of BET. 

6. If you hit the lion, you will get 10 times the prize money.

         Roma Slots is a UFABET game that can be played easily, anyone can play. Just by studying how to play well, you will make easier bets.