Moyes slammed his team’s performance despite winning the first round of the Europa League playoffs.

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West Ham manager David Moyes Was disappointed with the performance of his Hammers despite coming back to win in last night’s Europa League semi-final first leg.

     David Moyes has described West Ham ‘s performance as ‘reckless’, saying his UFABET team survived a silly decision following their comeback win at the Europa Confere . Nice League at the London Stadium last night. Mikel Antonio’s winning goal arrived just in time after the West Ham striker was replaced by Danny . Ings and Moyes were thankful they got back into action in the first-leg semi-final. But was disappointed with his overall performance against AZ Alkmaar.

Moyes slammed his team's performance despite winning the first round of the Europa League playoffs.

         “It was a strange game to analyze,” Moyes said . We made a lot of stupid decisions, sometimes shooting from 30 yards and not seizing our chances. but in the end I’m happy with the result.” In this game, Alkmaar was the first to take the lead from the moment when Sven Mynans kept the ball on the left, deposited into it for Tiani Reiners to bend down and hit the right side, 20 yards from the ground, rebounded past Alphonse Aree Olla Tung Net

However, a Said Benrahma          penalty put the hosts level 1-1 in the 67th minute and Antonio’s winner confirmed their comeback. But Moyes warned that “We lead in a narrow way. Nothing is more important at this time ′′ This match is very close. If we lose a goal I wouldn’t be here and say we’re running out of time. AZ wouldn’t say that either. It’s very well balanced. We didn’t leave too many chances. Even if we lose the goal We put ourselves ahead of the competition.”

         Moyes also implied to the referee that “It can be difficult when you think you are not lucky in the game. But if you’ve watched West Ham lately, you’ll know we’re used to that!” “People will be disappointed if you don’t see your players fighting for everything. Players fight for everything I strongly believe that we have a lot of flexibility here. We have that from the club, from the team, we need it. We need it in the Premier League, we won 2-1 in the semi-final first leg, that’s OK! When it’s a cup competition It doesn’t matter how you do it.”

     Antonio , who scored the winning goal, added: “We made it difficult for ourselves. We have many opportunities We just need to be more decisive. We finally got the results we wanted. We know they are a possession team. They know how to make it work. We were like, ‘Okay, we’ll let you guys do that. And when we fight back, we’ll destroy you.’” “It landed on me perfectly. [For the winning goal] I got the goal, we won. And we will continue next week.”

         Alkmaar manager Pascal Jansen said: “I’m very confident if you look at the game. We are mainly in charge of the game. We will make them fight hard to get to the finals.”