Ghost Examined Quickly After 12 Players + Staff Found Food Poisoning After Returning from Moldova

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Manchester United have launched an investigation. After a total of 12 players and their staff fell ill after returning from Moldova for the Europa League.

Manchester United have started an investigation. After all 12 members of their team fell ill on the same day. According to The Sun , many players and staff felt unwell on Friday. The morning after they defeated FC Sheriff in Moldova in the final. The Europa League was previously said to be as many. As 12 team members traveling to the UFABET game were affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19). But the latest appears to be more likely due to food poisoning.

Ghost Examined Quickly After 12 Players + Staff Found Food Poisoning After Returning from Moldova

     The club hopes to find out why. Was the incident caused by what was ingested. During his time in Chisinau or on the plane returning to England? Many players missed Friday practice due to the incident. before returning to the club’s training ground on Saturday. Meanwhile Some of those who attended Friday’s training before missed Saturday’s practice. The report also said that those affected and called up to the national team still remain. Permission to go and act for the country as before

  It is unclear how much impact Manchester United will be affected if their home game against Leeds United at the weekend goes as planned. The match was one of only three in the Premier League that was postponed due to insufficient police forces to oversee. The game as the match day coincided with the royal funeral. Queen Elizabeth II 

 Before the players and staff fell ill with food poisoning, United were able to secure their first Europa League victory of the season by beating Moldova champions Sheriff at half-time. The first from Jadon Sancho and Cristiano Ronaldo was enough to get Erik ten Hag’s side back on track for victory after their opening game against the Blues. Real Sociedad 

  Manchester United will continue the competition with home and away games against AC Omonia next month, but the Red Devils will return to action in the league facing city rivals Manchester United next month. City visit the Etihad Stadium on October 2, 2022. After the international break, United will enter the game in fifth place in the table after winning their last four games. in the Premier League after losing their first two games against Brighton & Hove Albion and Brentford.