Big Sam taunts Ten Hag, Klopp, Arteta after complaining about Newcastle tactics

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Leeds United manager Sam Allardyce hits out at Eric Ten Hag, Jurgen Klopp and Mikel Arteta after three top managers complained about with Newcastle United’s tactics

  Sam Allardyce speaks straight out of his heart. Learning that Eric ten Hag, Mikel Arteta and Jurgen Klopp all complained about delaying the UFABET game. Allardyce has previously said that no Premier League manager has surpassed him in terms of football. And the 68-year-old spoke similarly again at his pre-match press conference in Lee . DS United vs Newcastle United tomorrow.

Big Sam taunts Ten Hag, Klopp, Arteta after complaining about Newcastle tactics

        The new Leeds United boss believes Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp and Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag are as guilty. As anyone else in their use of time-delaying tactics. However, the controversy over delaying and the number of minutes the ball actually takes to play A hot topic in the Premier League this season. Newcastle United are coming under heavy scrutiny amid their pursuit of a Champions League spot. 

        Klopp, Ten Hag and Mikel Arteta are three managers who have directly raised concerns about the issue. Previously, in the period before the Carabao Cup final game Back in February at Wembley, Ten Hag once labeled the Magpies’ tactics as ‘annoying’ and pointed to statistics indicating their game would see them ‘annoying’. The ball is in play in the game for as little time as possible. 

  However, the veteran manager has defended his former club Newcastle and criticized some of the Premier League’s top managers when it comes to stalling. The reporter began to ask. “Some remarks from some Premier League managers about Newcastle’s tactic of stalling…” “Who doesn’t do that? Who’s complaining?” When a reporter named Eric ten Hag, Jürgen Klopp and Mikel Arteta as the ones who complained about wasting time, Allardyce said: ” He [Klopp] stalled, he [Ten Hag] stalled too ′′ They always stalled in the last five minutes if they lead 2-1 stupid. Really fluid.”

        He continued: “We are talking about when the ball is in play rather than stalling. And the ball in play can be improved or not. But the game was played hard and fast ′′ Fatigue, injuries and the way making it more stressful than ever So if you try to speed up the game more. You will suffer more serious injuries than you have ever received. Because it was never faster than it is now. with more speed Recovery time is important because there are so many matches. So there is no time to recuperate. and because there is no time to recuperate So you get more and more injured. and eventually more chronic injuries which can limit a player’s career So it’s shorter than it should be.”