Arteta reveals frustrations ahead of Brentford attack + praises two players

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Mikel Arteta, Arsenal manager Reveals what made him nervous. Before leading the team to attack Brentford. The locals they lost last season to 3-0 in the Premier League last night.

Mikel Arteta admitted he was “frustrated” after Arsenal slipped to third in the Premier League on Saturday, September 17, 2022, with victories over Manchester City and Tottenham. Puts the Gunners behind their two Big Six rivals. Ahead of yesterday’s game (Sunday 18 September) away at Brentford, Arteta’s men have lost just one of their first six games.

Arteta reveals frustrations ahead of Brentford attack + praises two players

  And they returned from that one defeat with superb performances at the Gtech Community Stadium, goals from William Saliba, Gabriel Jesus. and Fabio Vieira saved three points for Arsenal. and they rose to the top of the league. Arteta revealed after the victory that seeing his team drop two places gave his men more determination to beat the ‘Destroyer Bees’ and he was delighted with the team’s performance as they continued. There is a chance for the next championship.

    “You can ask me every day. Today we are the leader of the herd. I am very happy. Yesterday (Saturday) I was very upset because we lost. (Leadership) went and we used that to want to go back there and show that we wanted to be there,” he said. “That’s what we’re going to do. push as best as you can that’s the goal The scoreboard doesn’t lie after 38 games. I’m very satisfied with the UFABET way we played, the way we played. Ford I am very happy to reduce their chances.”

   in the competition last season Arsenal lost to the Bees on the opening day of the Premier League and Arteta has welcomed the change in his squad since that day last year. “A lot of people described last season at the races here as a bad day. It’s a shameful day I think it’s a good day to create a character. You want to be a different team. You have to learn from those moments,” he added. “And you go through those times and then days like today happen. which everyone is really happy In the dressing room the way we play We enjoy our football and this is another step.”

          “It obviously made me feel a lot better. Because I have seen teams that play the way we want to play. The way we practice every day That shows a lot of character and quality in doing what they did on that pitch against a very good team. Like Brentford you see every week how they make teams. How many problems are there?”

Arteta also revealed that William Saliba had not practiced for 10 days before becoming the main character today. Saliba, who made his debut for the team in the opening Premier League win over Crystal Palace, opened the scoring with a Bukayo Saka cross header and Arteta has lauded Saliba. For his ‘great’ performance, “He’s amazing. He hadn’t practiced for 10 days because he wasn’t feeling well. But he went down and competed like that,” Arteta said. “Not only the goals and defenses. But he also acts in parts that are rarely wanted and people don’t know much about. He deserves that credit.”

Arteta also praised Fabio Vieira for his outstanding performance in this game. And Vieira’s goal is still the most beautiful of the three Arsenal have won. By setting up a fort press with the left in front of the penalty area to send the ball to squeeze the first post into the goal This underlines the excellent performance of the 22-year-old, who has made his first Premier League start.   “I think he (Vieira) is making good progress. He obviously missed the entire pre-season through injury. That is really unfortunate,” Arteta said at a post-match press conference.

  “ But we know his talent. And that’s why we signed him. and what he can bring to the team Doing this with Brentford in this field His debut was a different story. He shows once again his character and qualities.” “He’s a creative player. He had to play with his feelings and instincts. That’s what he has to do and we need to create as many opportunities as possible to bring his talent to the team. “What I also like is the way he competes. And the way he does the parts that players rarely want to do has really impressed me.”

  Vieira moved from Porto to the Emirates Stadium in the summer for £31m, but it’s hard to see where he fits into the Arsenal squad. Because Arteta already has some great offensive options. He’s basically an attacking midfielder. But the Portuguese national youth team Able to play in a deeper position and as a winger, against Brentford he started as No. 10, replacing Gunners captain Martin Odegaard, who missed the game from the Gunners. injury during training 

Vieira himself, on the other hand, humbly stated that the brilliant goal against Brentford was a fluke. “It’s good luck, too,” Vieira told Arsenal’s website. “I’m really happy. Scored the first goal for this club. “We started the season really well. And we have to keep doing this.” “Everyone plays, everyone knows what they have to do on the pitch. And we have to keep doing this.”

  Vieira has been close to team-mate Gabriel Martinelli since joining Arsenal. with both players speaking Portuguese. And Martinelli believes the goal was definitely not a fluke. “He practices that shot every day. So it’s not a fluke!” Martinelli said. “We are always together He was a very nice person and everyone loved him. Anything I can help him, I will do, not just him, but everyone in the team. I will do my best to help everyone.” “With him it’s easier because he speaks Portuguese. It’s easier If I could do anything to help him, I would. He is a very good person and a very good friend.”