• Reiki Refresher Course

Reiki Refresher Course

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This course is for Reiki practitioners of all levels. 

Many people study Reiki not for becoming a professional practitioner but for their own personal use and spiritual development. However, if we don't practice Reiki regularly, or forget about it altogether for a while, it can be difficult to get back into using it. Then we tend to struggle with our own energy and how to balance it once again. Frustrated, we then tend to just ignore this wonderful healing modality altogether. 

But how can we get back into Reiki when we have lost touch with it? Do we have to be re-attuned? Well, the good news is: No, you do not have to be re-attuned. You just need a little practice and guidance. 

That's why I chose to offer this Reiki Refresher Course.

We will 

  • talk about what made us lose our connection with Reiki
  • discuss how to get back into practicing
  • Q & A about everything concerning Reiki and Spiritual Development
  • Grounding Meditation
  • Spirit Guide Meditation
  • practice Self Reiki 
  • practice Reiki Treatments 

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