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Did you know that more than 80% of people who received their first attunement will never practice reiki nor will ever use it again let alone choose to receive the second attunement? Why do you think that is?

Reiki is an wonderful healing modality that can help with any number of health issues. And every student is excited about learning, but why are so many people end up losing interest? The reason is that they have never been taught correctly about what Reiki really is and how to properly work with it.

Reiki is a name meaning Life Force Energy, basically what that means is, all the energy around and within us. I find the name Reiki very limiting because Reiki is so much more than just Reiki. Yet all we are taught in Reiki attunement classes is that it is a healing modality. Well, yes it is, but the healing really is only a side effect, only one piece of the pie.

I have been a Reiki Master/Teacher for 7 years. I studied reiki under two wonderful Masters. The first one taught me Reiki from a very spiritual point of view and the second taught me how Reiki works within our body from a medical point of view at Beaumont Hospital in Michigan, which was very interesting and enlightening. I too have learned about Reiki as being merely a healing practice. And yes, it is an amazing healing art, but it is so much more.

For the past 7 years I have created my own Reiki Manuals and have taught many people. Creating my own manuals was very important to me since I was never happy with the manuals I received as a student. Something was always missing. For example in my first Level 1 Attunement I was presented with a guided meditation to meet my spirit guide and was told that I now can work with him/her. But I was not properly taught how. Now I do work with all my guides and angels on a regular basis and made it a big part of my reiki teachings to show you how to properly work with yours. I will not only teach you, how to give a full reiki treatment to others and to yourself, but also the many wonderful things you can do with reiki aside from healing for example cleansing and protecting your home, calming the negative energy in a room full of people, or how to work with your animals using reiki, just to name a few.

One part of my teachings that is very important to me is to show you the difference between using your own energy versus the reiki energy to give a treatment. This is one of the best ways for you to feel how much stronger and most importantly different the reiki energy really is.

All my manuals are built up on one another, so you can take all 3 classes with me, but you don’t have to. If you had received your first attunement from a different master, you are welcome to sign up for my second attunement classes. All information from my first attunement course will be entailed in the second attunement work book.

If you have not had the privilege of learning how to work with your spirit guides, we will practice that in the second or even third attunement as well. It is my mission to teach you Reiki in a way that you will never doubt yourself and your abilities starting from level I.

My Level I and Level II certification classes are split into two days of 4-6 hours each depending on the number of attendees. The reason I don’t teach my classes in one day like it is the norm is that you will receive a vast amount of information that needs to be processed. The first day is mostly reserved for theory and the second day is reserved for practice and attunement. I offer one-on-one classes and classes for up to 6 students.

I also offer refresher courses for students who are not feeling too comfortable with their ability to use reiki. I won’t leave you stranded after your class. I am always available for questions and concerns.

The Master/Teacher class, which will be available soon, will be held over the course of 3 days with a duration of 6-8 hours each, depending on the number of students. During each class I will provide a light lunch. Water, coffee and tea will also be available. 

Minors need the permission of their parents/legal guardians to attend. 

If you would like a one-on-one class, please ask a friend/family member to be there on the second day so that you can practice the Reiki hand positions on them.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. 

Divine Blessings, 


Reward Program for Reiki Classes 

Refer a friend and when they sign up receive 20% off of the class you signed up for or 50% off of a Reiki Treatment of your choice

Reiki Level I

Reiki Level I

In the first level class, you learn everything you need to know about Reiki for the purpose of giving a treatment to yourself and others.  This training is an opportunity to re-awaken and re-connecting with your own natural healing ability ...

US $150.00

Reiki Level II

Reiki Level II

In the second Level class, you will deepen your knowledge of the first level class as well as receive the first three Reiki Symbols. This class is open to Reiki students who have taken the first level of training, and who feel called to deepen their ...

US $250.00

Reiki Master/Teacher

Reiki Master/Teacher

This class is open to students who have completed the first and second level classes and who have practiced for at least 6 months and given and received at least 6 hands-on reiki treatments and 6 distance reiki treatments. During the Master/Teacher c...

US $450.00

Reiki Refresher Course

Reiki Refresher Course

This course is for Reiki practitioners of all levels. Many people study Reiki not for becoming a professional practitioner but for their own personal use and spiritual development. However, if we don't practice Reiki regularly, or forget about i...

US $75.00