If you find my writing inspiring and would like me to write an article for your magazine, blog, etc. please feel free to contact me.    


I have always felt drawn to writing and this year (2017) I finally decided to begin. Currently, I am working on my first book. It will be a book about Self-Discovery and Spiritual Development. A big part of this book will also be how to communicate with your Spirit Guides. I work with mine every day both in my personal and professional life and I would not want to miss it! This book is supposed to give you a starting point on how you can begin or continue your journey to self-discovery and spiritual development with helpful tips and suggestions. 



I am very excited to have one of my original quotes published in Corey Poirier's newest book 'The Book of Why (and how). You can find my quote on page 243. 


Starting January 2018 I will publish a monthly spiritual article in Sibyl Magazine. I am very excited! Below each magazine cover will be a link once the article is available. 


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