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Knowing what your life lesson is and how it presents itself in your life right now can give you greater understanding of your life's path. It can also help you to stir your life into the direction you actually want it to go, rather than being stuck in a situation you don't want. 

It may also help you understand the pattern that may reappear throughout your life, or similar situations that just keep coming up over and over again. 



A life lesson is not really a lesson. A life lesson is the 'theme' your soul wanted to experience in this lifetime. A life lesson is nothing that we graduate from or that we have to complete.

Let's say your soul wanted to experience 'power' in this lifetime, then this could show up as strong willpower or lack thereof, it could present itself as being powerless in a relationship or other situation, it could present itself as finding the courage to get your own power back and step away from a situation that made you powerless etc. 

How we experience our life lessons is entirely up to us. We can experience it in a positive or in a negative way. Our soul just wants to experience it through us. Which means, at any given time, you have the ability to change the way you experience your life lesson. And knowing what your life lesson actually is and how you experience it right now is so empowering. 



  • What is your primary life lesson
  • What are your secondary life lessons
  • How do your life lessons present themselves in your life right now
  • In which part of your life do your life lessons show up right now 
  • How can you adjust your life to change the current presentation of your life lesson


Your reading can take place over the phone, via skype, Facetime, or in person, depending on your preference or location. Afterwards you will receive a copy of your life lesson reading by email.



The Akashic Records hold all the information of every life your soul ever incarnated into. You can picture this 'place' as a huge library with hundreds of thousands of books and scrolls.

You can read your records and learn about past lives you lived, or what your life lesson for this life is, where your soul originates from, what your soul's divine gifts are and what that means about you, but also find the root causes of issues you have in this life and heal them so that you can live the life you always wanted. Most of the time when we don't seem to get what we desire, it is due to a blockage. And with the help of the Akashic Records, you can determine the blockages and clear them.



  • full name
  • maiden name (if applicable)
  • date of birth
  • place of birth
  • your permission to access your Akashic Records

This information is vital to locate your soul's records. Please rest assured that I will use this information solely for the purpose of your chosen reading and I will never disclose this information to any third party at any time.


Once I received your information I will prepare your reading and then contact you to schedule a date and time for the revelation. Please know that my readings are very detailed and extensive and therefore can take a couple of days to finish. 

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