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The story of this bracelet:

When I had just started out creating jewelry I was occasionally asked if I would also consider creating custom bracelets where the crystals were chosen in accordance with a person's needs. Of course I liked the idea of creating a customized bracelet and so I agreed and eventually added this option to my products.

In the beginning I created this bracelet the old fashion way by researching ailments or issues and their corresponding crystals. Then one day I had a request of 3 custom bracelets for 3 sisters. They all had similar issues but each of them were unique in their own way. Researching the crystals resulted in the bracelets being pretty similar. This did not seem right to me, since each of the women was unique and should have had a unique bracelet to reflect this. Needless to say, I felt a bit overwhelmed by the task. 

As I was musing over how to approach this issue, I suddenly noticed thoughts of crystals swirling about in my head. Names just kept popping in - over and over again. So I wrote the names of the crystals down and looked them up. And lo and behold, these crystals were exactly what was needed for one of the bracelets. But the most amazing thing was, that neither of these crystals came up in initial searches I conducted for that particular bracelet. 

Intrigued by what had happened, but not really knowing how or why or from where I received these names, I tried it again for the next bracelet. And it happened again. Names of crystals kept popping into my head and they were exactly what my client needed. 

At that time I had just started to intensify my work with my Spirit Guides and one day they explained to me (by placing images into my mind), that I was basically channeling the Spirit Guides of my clients. 

To this day I have created many custom bracelets and each of them unique. This unique bracelet is my favorite one to create because I know that the recipient will receive exactly what they need. 

Trust your Guides to give you the perfect healing crystals for your bracelet.

Love & Light, 



If you are interested in having a custom bracelet created for yourself or someone else, please contact me so that we can discuss your options and answer all your questions. 


The price of the bracelet will vary depending on the style and the beads. Once we determined the beads I can give you the price for each bracelet style I offer. 

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