Handcrafted Jewelry


I have been fascinated with crystals all my life. First for their beauty and their variety of color, then later in life, I had my own healing experience with a quartz crystal. And this profound experience changed my life in so many ways. I did not quite understand what had happened and how it happened, but I wanted to know more, much more.

With the study of Reiki came the study of the chakras and the crystals. And at one point I knew that I wanted to create spiritual jewelry as a way to help people help themselves on their journey just as the crystals had helped me on mine.

Creating healing jewelry is an art that requires intuition and empathy. Every person has their own story. And so every person's needs are different. I feel very humble that so many people find their way to me and put their faith in my ability to help them along their path. As a spiritual intuitive healer I have a close connection to the Angels, and so it seems only natural to me to seek their guidance when I am crafting a bracelet for a client; because if the Angels don’t know what we need, then who does?