Angelic Jewelry

To create this very special and unique piece of jewelry, I will channel your Spirit Guides to receive the right stones for your bracelet. This special gift allows me to craft the most unique piece of healing jewelry. 

Trust your Guides to give you the perfect healing crystals for your bracelet. 

If you are interested in having a custom bracelet created for yourself or someone else, please contact me so that we can discuss your options and answer all your questions. Before I begin the process of creating your Angelic Bracelet a down payment of US $20.00 is due. 

Angelic Bracelet

Angelic Bracelet

Sandra has a very special gift. She can communicate with the Angels and Spirit Guides. This gift allows her to create the most unique healing jewelry. By channeling your Angels and Spirit Guides she receives the names of the perfect crystals for...

CAD $25.00