Serafina Fae is a place of healing

We offer many wonderful and unique healing modalities, insightful spiritual readings and guidance as well as meaningful handcrafted jewelry. 

Enjoy the many wonderful benefits of Reiki both handson and over distance. Join us in our Reiki Certification Classes, or learn how to work with your Spirit Guides during our Workshops. Treat yourself to a unique experience and gain insight into who you are at Soul Level with a Soul Realignment reading. Browse our large spiritual, healing and fashion jewelry collection - and much more...... 

About Me

Hi, my name is Sandra! I am a Reiki Master & Teacher,  author, holistic jewelry designer and aspiring public speaker. But for the most part, I am simply a woman with a dream - a dream of making this world a better place. 

My journey into spirituality began long before I even knew what spirituality really meant.

I was always the one who made friends with new kids in class, or the outsiders. I always wanted to nurture and help; and this feeling never passed. 

After I took my first Reiki class, I felt as if I had come home. This was the moment where my life's purpose started to unfold..... 

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(1) 226 246 1133

Treatments, Readings and Consultations are available by appointment

Weekend and evening appointments are welcome and available upon request.

Home visits for Treatments and Readings in Windsor/Essex are also available. 

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Latest Products

As seen on Arrow

As seen on Arrow

This necklace was worn by Emily Bett Rickards who plays the character of Felicity Smoak in the season premier of season 6. The necklace she wore was 16" long. Add a little sparkle to your day with this beautiful sterling silver necklace. This necklac...

CAD $60.00

As seen on Jane the Virgin

As seen on Jane the Virgin

This bracelet was worn by Gina Rodriguez, the actress who plays the lead role Jane in Season 1 Episode 21...

CAD $85.00

Reiki Refresher Course

Reiki Refresher Course

This course is for Reiki practitioners of all levels. Many people study Reiki not for becoming a professional practitioner but for their own personal use and spiritual development. However, if we don't practice Reiki regularly, or forget about it alt...

CAD $45.00

Latest Reviews

I feel truly fortunate and Blessed to have received my Level ll Reiki Attunement from such an amazing, experienced and knowledgeable teacher, thank you so much Sandra. I will definitely be continuing on this very exciting and selfless path with you, filled with love and gratitude for all you do...... Namaste.

Shirley Steel (17/11/2017)


The experience and great benefit of a Soul Realignment is very enlightening. Sandra explains everything in a very kind, caring way. I have gained so much insight and answers to questions of this lifetime that I just couldn't figure out. It all makes so much sense to me now. Having Sandra do my Soul Realignment was a great decision. I feel much lighter and "me" since this. If anyone questions weather to do this for themselves, I say do it! Sandra would be the perfect person to do this with you.

Janice Peterson (17/11/2017)


On July 4th. 2017 I received my Reiki First Degree. Sandra, my Reiki Master/Teacher. was so patient with me and made me feel so comfortable with the process. Her kindness made my experience so special and exciting. She went above and beyond in the teaching as far as I'm concerned. I have recommended her to others and boast about her skills often. Thank You Sandra for allowing me to be a student of yours!

Janice Peterson (17/11/2017)


A selection of our products:



So many people are trapped in addictions because they were looking for comfort in the wrong places after a terrible tragedy. This Charm Bracelet can help people with any number of addictions to free themselves from its grasps and to heal the cause th...

CAD $65.00



Asthma is one of the most common lung diseases today. it can range from being annoying to terrifying, when an asthma attack occurs. The crystals on this bracelet are selected for their positive impact on an asthma attack. They can help to decrease it...

CAD $50.00

Cord Cutting

Cord Cutting

WHAT IS A CORD?A cord is an energetic bond between two people, which is connected with our Aura. Whenever you meet someone and spend some time with, or feel attracted to, you form an emotional bond which results in the attachment of an energetic bond...

CAD $75.00

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