Serafina Fae is a place of healing

We offer many wonderful and unique healing modalities, insightful spiritual readings and guidance as well as meaningful handcrafted jewelry. 

Enjoy the many wonderful benefits of Reiki both handson and over distance. Join us in our Reiki Certification Classes, or learn how to work with your Spirit Guides during our Workshops. Treat yourself to a unique experience and gain insight into who you are at Soul Level with a Soul Realignment reading. Browse our large spiritual, healing and fashion jewelry collection - and much more...... 

About Me

My name is Sandra. I am a holistic entrepreneur from Windsor, Ontario. I have been a Reiki Master/Teacher since 2010 and began designing and creating jewelry in 2013.

My story really began when I had my own healing experience with a crystal in my early twenties. Since then I  have been studying and practicing many different healing modalities both holistic and transcendental.  

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(1) 226 246 1133

Treatments, Readings and Consultations are available by appointment

Weekend and evening appointments are welcome and available upon request.

Home visits for Treatments and Readings in Windsor/Essex are also available. Please be advised that at a distance of 30 km and more a travel fee of $5.00 + will be charged. 

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A selection of our products:

Good Luck

Good Luck

We all can use a bit of luck sometimes. Therefore, I have been inspired to create a Charm Bracelet which gives just that. A whole lot of luck.*************************************************************************GEMSTONE SPECIFICATIONGarnet lucky ...

CAD $85.00

Reiki during Labor

Reiki during Labor

Reiki can not only be a wonderful addition to your healing plan during pregnancy, but it can also be very beneficial while you are in labor and give birth to your child(ren). Women who used the help of a Reiki Practitioner generally had less pain and...

CAD $0.00

Fairy Communication

Fairy Communication

Fairies are nature spirits, responsible for everything that grows in the plant kingdom. Having Fairies in your garden or in your house means you will be blessed with the most beautiful flowers.If you believe in the existence of fairies (like I do), t...

CAD $45.00

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