Serafina Fae Jewelry is a line of unique spiritual, chakra and healing jewelry

each piece is handcrafted with love and compassion and charged with serene healing energy

Empath Protection


Being an Empath is a very special gift. But this gift comes with a lot of responsibility for others and for one's self.
Feeling other people's emotions can be very draining, which can interfere with your life and your healing work.

Every Empath holds within himself the ability to heal, but not every Empath chooses to practice natural healing and that is perfectly all right.
Whether you choose to embrace your gift or not, you should find a way to protect yourself from all the emotions of others which you keep absorbing.

To protect you from emotional overload, I created this bracelet. it has stones selected which can help ground, cleanse
and protect an Empath and allow her to have more control over who she opens up to.