The Vibration of Love />


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The Vibration of Love

Written by Sandra Cooze

Initially I had planned on continuing with the ‘Meet your Spirit Guide’ series, but since this is the ‘Month of Love’ I decided to talk about vibration frequency and how it can affect our quest for love.

Have you heard the saying ‘like attracts like’? It means that whatever your energetic vibration is, you will attract people with the same vibration. So when you are vibrating on a lower level, you will also attract people with the same low level vibration. In order to attract people with a higher vibration, you have to raise yours as well.

So many people wonder why they seem to keep attracting the same type of person into their lives. And more often than not, they ask themselves the same questions over and over again. ‘What am I doing wrong?’ or ‘How do I deserve this?’ or ‘Why is this happening to me?’

Look at those questions. Do you notice anything? With each of those questions, you are implying that you are actually doing something wrong, or that this is what you deserve or that there is a reason why this is happening to you. Let me tell you something about those questions. Those are all limitations you placed upon yourself. Each of those questions are blockages that you created at one point or another to protect yourself from something, or because someone made you believe these limitations to be true etc.

The good news is, you can change that! You really are that powerful! How? Well, let’s get to it, shall we?

First, think about all the negative things you keep telling yourself. Write them down and reflect on them. Ask yourself why you are telling yourself those things. Acknowledge them and let them go. They have no power over you anymore. Now think of positive affirmations you could tell yourself instead and write them down.

The next step is to start paying attention to your thoughts. If you notice negative thoughts about yourself, a situation or person, change these thoughts into something positive. Let’s say you are upset that it’s raining, because you had a long walk with your puppy planned, so your mood is understandably gloomy. Instead, if you focused on the flowers you would have seen on your walk and imagined them soaking up the water and blooming even more brightly the next day, it would put you in a much better mood!

If you keep this up, you will gradually change your mindset from negative to positive and you will notice the difference. This in turn will raise your vibration to where the happy people are. Now it is time to bring the right person into your life. To do that, consciously communicate the following to your Spirit Guides: ‘I am calling my Guides and I am calling my Angels. Please bring the right partner into my life!’ And now you need to wait patiently, while your Spirit Guides put the wheels in motion to bring you two together!

Copyright: Content and photographs are copyright protected. Sharing of this is both encouraged and appreciated. Copying and/or pasting full or partial content to any social media is strictly prohibited. 

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