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Meet your Spirit Guide II

Written by Sandra Cooze

When you first start communicating with your Spirit Guides it may take a while until you receive answers. This is perfectly normal. There are many ways our Spirit Guides can communicate with us, but you and they have to figure out which way you most resonate with. A very common way of communication is through number sequences. But Spirit Guides can also bring important messages across through songs, thoughts that just seem to pop into your head, specific cloud shapes you may feel drawn to, vivid dreams and many other forms of communication.

Once you start to tune in to one way of communication, your Guides will use this method primarily to bring messages to you. However, the more you resonate with their guidance, the more open you will become spiritually and this in turn will open new ways for your Guides to talk to you.

One amazing aspect of working with your Spirit Guides is that they can remove your emotional and spiritual blockages for you. To do this, you have to give your Guides permission to act on your behalf. I highly recommend giving them the permission when you go to sleep. While you sleep your conscious mind is resting and your unconscious mind is on high alert. The conscious mind is driven by your ego. The ego can be your biggest enemy when it comes to change. So by giving your Guides permission while your conscious mind is resting gives them the opportunity to remove your blockages without being interrupted by an ‘except for this’, or an ‘except for that’, from your mind. Often times those things we try to hold on to the most are the ones we need to let go of first.

Following is a little bedtime routine I perform almost every night and I highly recommend it. When you lay in bed, say or think the following words: ‘I am calling my Guides and I am calling my Angels. Thank you for coming! Please give me what I need right now, without restriction. Please remove what no longer serves me, without restriction. Thank you!’

The part ‘without restriction’ is very important, as it gives your Guides free reign to do what is in your best interest, even though your ego may disagree.

After reciting these paragraphs, you can add any request you would like. It is important though, that you ask in the correct way. Be as specific yet as vague as you can be. Let’s say you are looking for love. If you ask for a specific person and this person is not the perfect match for you, your guides won’t bring them into your life. So asking for a specific person may not be in your best interest. If you instead asked, however, to bring the right person into your life, your Guides will set you on the path to bring you together with your perfect match.

I hope you enjoyed this article.

Love & Light, Sandra

Copyright: Content and photographs are copyright protected. Sharing of this is both encouraged and appreciated. Copying and/or pasting full or partial content to any social media is strictly prohibited. 

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