Prince Charming - Gift Wrapped by the Universe


Prince Charming - Gift Wrapped by the Universe />
Today I came across a post of a young woman who was wondering, why she always seemed to twist herself like a pretzel in relationships. She was wondering, why she was unable to just be herself. Many people have this problem. The first date goes great and they may go on a second, or a third and once the relationship starts to become a bit more than a simple flirtation, something changes within them and they start to constantly second guess themselves, their behavior and their partner’s motives.  This post made me reminiscent about my own former relationships and I realized,...... read more

Do Angels exist?


Do Angels exist? />
My son is at that age where he gets curious about the existence of the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny, Santa and Angels. As a spiritual person, I do believe in the existence of Angels, I work with them and I can feel their energy.  My husband is the exact opposite. He does not believe in anything spiritual or holistic which is ok, except last week our son (6) asked us whether Angels existed or not....... read more

The Power Drain


The Power Drain />
When we give a Reiki treatment we all have our very own signature technique. The one thing that always works for us without fail. For me, that is the power drain. read more

The Journey to Enlightenment


The Journey to Enlightenment />
When I first heard of enlightenment I pictured it as something that would eventually happen to me at the end of a very long spiritual journey. As if everything all of a sudden just made sense. I pictured myself meditating in the sunlight on a rock overlooking the sea while hovering a good couple feet above the ground. But the longer I had been on my spiritual journey, the more I questioned this idea I had in my head - not just because I found the idea of hovering above the ground a bit silly. read more

Are you ready to teach Reiki?


Are you ready to teach Reiki? />
When I see my students exceed the knowledge I shared with them, find their own truths and grow far beyond where I am at this very moment on my spiritual journey, I know that I taught them well. I know that I encouraged them well enough to spread their wings and find their own truth, their own way to practice Reiki. read more

When is the right time to talk to your child about what to do if they get molested?


When is the right time to talk to your child about what to do if they get molested? />
There are dangers that we simply can’t protect our children from, no matter how hard we try. Some of these dangers are so horrific, the mere thought of them makes us sick to our stomach. We would rather lock these terrifying thoughts away than really sit down and think about ‘what if’ ……. read more

How our spiritual growth affects others


How our spiritual growth affects others />
When you are on a spiritual journey you will go through a number of growth spurts and with that you will experience major changes in your view of the world. This is and should be a very exciting time for you. You will begin to see the world in a different light; things that made no sense to you now appear crystal clear. You will begin to feel differently, think differently, behave differently and most of all realize that the things you tolerated before, have now become unacceptable. read more

Have you ever tried a Salt Foot Bath?


Have you ever tried a Salt Foot Bath? />
A salt bath is a wonderful way to relieve stress, release negative and excess energy and replenish the body with vital minerals and nutrients - all at the same time. Taking a bath in salt water makes my body tingle head to toe and I can literally feel energy draining out of me. It is pure bliss. read more

Quartz - Master Crystal and Master Healer


Quartz - Master Crystal and Master Healer />
The Quartz crystal is an incredible stone. It is not only used in crystal healing, healing grids, rituals and jewelry, but also..... read more

Can Reiki do harm?


Can Reiki do harm? />
Reiki is truly amazing for all kinds of issues on the physical, mental and emotional level. It can restore balance to the whole body. It is safe to say that there is no downside to Reiki. Or is there? read more