Hi there and welcome to Serafina Fae!

When modern medicine failed me, it was a quartz crystal that truly changed my life. It marked not only the beginning of my healing journey after sexual assault, but was also my introduction to Spirituality.

Ever since the quartz crystal literally changed my life, I have been on a quest to understanding spirituality, energy an holistic healing. I learned so much about myself, who I am and ultimately found my life's purpose. 

The amazing transformation I underwent because of the quartz crystal was the beginning of my journey into crafting holistic healing jewelry. I was so in awe over what one crystal could do for me and my emotional stuckness that I wanted to create healing jewelry for others and help them on their journey to health and well-being. 

Aside from creating healing jewelry, I am also a Reiki Master/Teacher, Spiritual Development Coach and Trauma Coach. 

Oprah once said;"Turn your Wounds into Wisdom" - this quote inspired me so much that I did just that.... used my traumatic past and my experience to help others. 



Serafina means angel and Fae is a broad term for anything mystical. So many people believe in angelic and mystical beings. And I can’t think of a better name to sell healing jewelry under than a name of two mystical classes that people have so much faith in. 

But the name Serafina Fae also has special meaning to me personally. I feel very drawn to the angels;  I work with them a lot during Reiki sessions and other energetic work and I love all things mystical. 

So when you look at the Serafina Fae tag on your bracelet, you are actually looking at a piece of my heart.