Hello beautiful Soul,
My name is Sandra. I am a T.I.R. Facilitator, Holistic Trauma Coach, Life Transformation Coach, Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner, Reiki Master/Teacher, Author, Spiritual & Holistic Writer and Holistic Jewelry Designer.
Before I founded Serafina Fae and added all these skills and titles to my name, I was just a girl, broken and defeated by traumatic events and struggling to find my way. I guess you could say, Serafina Fae has become part of my journey to myself.
How did Serafina Fae come to be? Well, it all started one fateful day, when I was at my lowest point, struggling with myself after multiple accounts of sexual assault and rape. I had just lost my last bit of hope when the psychologist I went to go see told me at the end of our first session: “I believe you have already worked through your trauma, what am I supposed to do?!” That fateful day, a good friend of mine, who was very spiritual, stood in front of me with his hands on his hips, scolding at me and saying:” Get a quartz crystal already!” That fateful day changed my life. Not only was this the beginning of my healing journey, but also my introduction to spirituality.
Over the years I immersed myself into the amazing world of spirituality and crystal healing. I studied Reiki and fell in love with jewelry making. After a couple of years of creating spiritual and healing jewelry I realized that I had a unique gift. I was able to communicate with the angels and spirit guides of a person to receive the names of the perfect crystals for them. Ever since then I have loved creating custom bracelets because I knew that each of these bracelets was tailored specifically to my client’s needs.
The more I worked on the spiritual level, the more I healed my past and the more I healed my past, the more I understood how trauma works and what we have to do to fully transform and release it. This was the point where I began to struggle with Serafina Fae. My new found purpose did not quite fit with the image I created for my beloved spiritual business.
After much contemplation I decided to create a new business. I studied The Art and Science of Coaching and Traumatic Incident Reduction and founded ‘Rise above your Story’. Even though I divided my journey and my destination (as I like to call Serafina Fae and Rise above your Story), one could not exist without the other because both businesses are very uniquely a part of who I used to be and who I have become.
Love & Light,