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Are you having trouble letting go of the past?
Did you fall victim to a traumatic event like sexual assault, abuse, violence or any other type of trauma and now feel lost, as if something was taken from you or that your life will never be the same? 

Do you feel 'Stuck in a Rut'? 
Do you feel as if something is holding you back from achieving your goals? Or as if no matter what you do, you are trapped in this deep dark hole with no light at the end of the tunnel? 

Does life seem to throw you one curveball after another? 
Do you feel as if you solve one problem only to be confronted by the next without catching a break? Have you succumbed to the belief that you are simply meant to suffer in this life for whatever reason? 

Do you ever wonder why everything seems to go wrong? 
Just like everyone else, you have goals and dreams. You work hard to achieve them. Yet, something always seems to go wrong. 

How would you feel if you were free of these burdens?
Would you feel happy? Would you feel free? Would you feel relieved? If you achieved your goal, would you feel accomplished? Proud of yourself?  

Are you ready to bring change into your life? 

Yes? Well, then let's get started! 

Hi, my name is Sandra 

My spiritual journey began at the lowest point in my life. I had been molested as a child, sexually assaulted as a teenager and young adult and then was raped in my early twenties. My last hope for healing was crushed by a psychiatrist who simply said:" I believe you alredy worked through all this, so what am I supposed to do?!" 

To say I was devastated would be an understatement. I sank into an even deeper hole of emotional pain and utter despair until one fateful day..... My life changed forever.

I was told by a friend to "Get a quartz crystal already!" 

For over two decades I have studied and practiced many different spiritual and healing modalities and discovered that I could heal my own intense emotional trauma entirely on my own.

I am a Life Story Transformation Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, Author, Spiritual & Holistic Writer, Holistic Jewelry Designer and Spiritual Development Coach  

Latest Reviews

The experience and great benefit of a Soul Realignment is very enlightening. Sandra explains everything in a very kind, caring way. I have gained so much insight and answers to questions of this lifetime that I just couldn't figure out. It all makes so much sense to me now. Having Sandra do my Soul Realignment was a great decision. I feel much lighter and "me" since this. If anyone questions weather to do this for themselves, I say do it! Sandra would be the perfect person to do this with you.

Janice Peterson (17/11/2017)


We had recently bought our first home. My husband wanted to renovate it before we moved in. Every day after work he went there. After a few weeks, his mood began to change. He started resenting going to the new home, things started to go wrong, his mood became more gloomy every day and he was ready to just sell the house before we even had a chance to live in it. I had worked with Sandra in the past and knew that she offered property realignments to heal the energy of a house and so I asked her to perform one for us. The difference is incredible! My husband now enjoys working in the new house, his mood is always positive when he comes home at night and he does not notice any issues or weird feelings while being there. I am so grateful for Sandra and her work!

Debbie R. (05/07/2018)


I feel truly fortunate and Blessed to have received my Level ll Reiki Attunement from such an amazing, experienced and knowledgeable teacher, thank you so much Sandra. I will definitely be continuing on this very exciting and selfless path with you, filled with love and gratitude for all you do...... Namaste.

Shirley Steel (17/11/2017)